Terms and Conditions



  1. For proper credit, please reference our memo/invoice number when following up on any order, and when sending a payment check.


  1. Orders are generally fulfilled within two weeks (please add three weeks for custom finish and eight weeks for built-to-specs) upon receipt of a written PO and full payment.


  1. Please note that Oxshott Collection has a “NO RETURNS POLICY”. Returns will not be accepted or exchanged for any reason.


  1. All sales are final after 15 days from date of shipment or pickup. We will not entertain any claims, regardless of the circumstances after 15 days from the time the goods leave our warehouse. Additionally, no claims will be entertained at any time if any modification has been made, or if the goods have been tampered with, or if installation has been attempted.


  1. Since all Oxshott Collection products are handmade, they are subject to slight variations. Therefore, no two pieces can be perfect replicas / “photocopies”.


  1. Unless stated otherwise, all dimensions are in inches. Wall Sconces cover the 4”x 2” wall box, which is also called a switch box. Oxshott Collection does not supply GEM boxes, French Hooks or any other installation accessories.


  1. Unless specifically stated on our memo/invoice, the fixtures are neither quoted or shipped with a UL label or a ground wire. UL label /services are available at additional cost.


  1. Add an upcharge of $100 to $150 per fixture for UL label for most fixtures. Please note that some fixtures require design modification and/or special installation for UL purposes.


  1. Our fixtures are wired for 40 Watts per bulb. Installation must be done by a qualified electrician. Oxshott Collection is not responsible for any on-website damage. Do not attempt to install without a certified and insured electrician.


  1. As a courtesy, we are able to pack your goods and ship the goods on your behalf. Unless stated otherwise, all goods that we ship are sent via UPS Ground. Please check the price list for shipping & handling charge. There is a minimum S&H charge of $75.00 per order. Your order will be double-checked and shipped complete and in operating condition. The ownership of the goods passes from us to you when the goods leave our warehouse door. We assume no liability for losses or damage during transit or during unpacking. Please include the stated shipping cost with your payment if you choose this shipping option.


  1. If you prefer to ship another way, we can provide you with a list of truckers who will inspect, pack and pick up the goods. Packing, shipping and insurance arrangements must be made by you directly with the truckers. The ownership of the goods passes from us to you at the time the goods are picked up from our warehouse in Fairfield, NJ. We are not responsible once the goods leave our warehouse door. If you choose to make your own shipping arrangements, the shipping cost on the invoice/memo does not apply.


  1. Open and check your package immediately. Please exercise caution while unpacking and retain original packing materials and boxes.


  1. Prices on Price List are subject to change. Please always get a written price quote.


  1. These terms and conditions represent the entire agreement between the parties


  1. The sale of goods and services is expressly limited to the acceptance of these terms and conditions. Any of the following constitutes Buyer’s unqualified acceptance of these terms and conditions:


  • Issuance or assignment of a purchase order, or
  • Acceptance of any Product, or
  • Payment for any of the Products.


  1. Additional or different terms or conditions proposed by Buyer (including any additional or different terms provided in a purchase order) shall be void and of no effect unless specifically accepted in writing by Oxshott Collection. This agreement shall be the exclusive agreement between the parties. Any prior or contemporaneous understandings, agreements, and representations, oral or written, are superseded by these terms and conditions. No modification to these terms and conditions shall be valid unless in writing and signed by Oxshott Collection.


  1. In no event will either party be responsible or liable for any third party for any lost profits, or incidental, consequential, indirect, special or contingent damages arising from or relating to this contract, even if it has been advised of the possibility of such damages. Each party’s total cumulative liability in connection with this agreement, including for any liability on account of a claimed defect in any product delivered hereunder, whether in contract or tort or otherwise, shall in no event exceed the purchase price of the product paid by buyer on which the claim is based.





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So as to make the installation process easy, we recommend that all the prep work be done before the installation. First and foremost please note that we recommend that you only use a 4” x 2” GEM Box (aka switch box) for our sconces. Please request and direct the electrician to acquire and install the GEM box as well as the CROSS BAR / FRENCH HOOK . We do not supply these installation accessories.


Installation of OC fixtures once all the prep work has been done is extremely simple, nonetheless always use a qualified electrician. It generally takes less than five minutes to install one of OC fixtures to the wall. We send our fixtures complete. There is no part that is missing. Nonetheless the electrician has to install without fail the GEM box and the Gem Box’s Cross Bar (if it is a removable cross bar fixture) or a French Hook (if it is a fixed cross bar fixture) . All these parts are readily available from the general supply house for electricians.



A removable cross bar fixture is one which has a removable cross bar on the back of the fixture. Please note that the cross bar of the fixture is different and separate from the cross bar of the GEM box. In order words, there are two different cross bars, one that belongs to the fixture, and another that belongs to the GEM box. The cross bar of the GEM box is supplied and installed by the electrician. OC will supply the removable cross bar of the fixture.

 Once the GEM box and the GEM Box’s cross bar is installed in the wall. The removable cross bar from the back of the sconce gets attached to the GEM Box via a threaded nipple (this is supplied by OC). A threaded nipple is first screwed into the center opening of the GEM Box’s cross bar. Next the removable cross bar from behind the fixture is screwed onto the same thread nipple. Nuts (supplied by OC) make this attachment secure.

Next, the fixture is placed on the removable cross bar (which has now been attached to the GEM Box) and two side screws attach the fixture to the removable cross bar. These screws are provided by OC. Apart from the fixture’s own removable cross bar, the threaded nipple and the two side screws (all of which are provided by OC) there is nothing else that is needed, as long as the GEM Box and the GEM box’s cross bar has been installed during preparation before installation.

It generally should take less than five minutes to install a fixture to the wall.




A fixed cross bar fixture is one which has a permanent cross bar on the back of the fixture. Please note that the cross bar of the fixture is different and separate from the cross bar of the GEM box. In order words, there are two different cross bars, one that belongs to the fixture, and another that belongs to the GEM box. The cross bar of the GEM box is supplied and installed by the electrician. The permanent cross bar of the fixture comes with the fixture

Once the Gem box and the French Hook is installed, the fixed cross bar behind the sconce slides into the hook of the French Hook. Once it is completely in, a slight push locks it in place.

It generally should take less than five minutes to install a fixture to the wall.


Please note that at Oxshott Collection we work very hard to make quality products and deliver them in time. Everything that goes out is first tested, and only if a fixture passes this rigorous test it is packed and shipped. Any loose connections or faulty wiring will show up during the test and fail the fixture. Hence when a fixture passes the test it is ready for installation. Nonetheless during transition and unpacking, wires can get pulled and connections can get loose. Hence it is recommended that a qualified electrician test and fix (if needed) the continuity and the connection (a very simple task) before installation.